What is DoorsTour?


Have realistic expectations

DoorsTour is a fast-growing real-estate platform making a different approach for real estate dealings. A new way of buying and selling properties at one's comfort, without interrupting one's daily business.

DoorsTour being the first Indian platform where buying and selling of real estate have been made so easy where the buyer and seller deals online, from making a deal to personally visiting the property.

Yes, you heard it all right, a client can visit the property staying at home with the help of advanced technologies today. Virtual reality making it all possible. DoorsTour helps you optimize virtual reality technology to its maximum. The agent or the seller could make a 360-degree view of the property and showcase the model to their clients so as the clients could decide for themselves on to where and which part of the property to visit. The client can experience the journey through the property by simply directing on which rooms or areas to visit accordingly. In short, an actual journey prepared by the agent meant for the audience (client) and also controlled by the audience themself.

DoorsTour here acts as an agent where the buyer and seller both could meet to make a deal and of buying or selling the property.

Higher Form of Virtual Reality!

Once visiting the interface of the website one gets to learn that if you are a seller willing to buy the property you can list your property on their website so as it becomes easy for the client to get in touch with you (seller) to make a proper deal and negotiate accordingly for mutual benefits. While at the same time, you being a client (buyer) just browsing through the website will make to get a rough idea of all the listed properties so as your requirement and once interested you could contact the seller for further procedures.

DoorsTour being a rapidly emerging firm to bring in the experience of virtual reality and trying to make a difference in the market with the help of new technologies, making it comfortable for both parties to deal at their convenience in this tough situation-pandemic. The idea of DoorsTour: Such a brilliant idea concept of DoorsTour might make the readers even more stunned to know the invention story of DoorsTour. DoorsTour as a startup is an idea of five BTech students who met in E-Cell ADGITM - Anant Goel, Kunal Singh, Lakshya Vats, Kanishk sharma, and Chirag Seth, DoorsTour was created in an attempt to bring innovation in the traditional real estate industry. After conducting a detailed research about the industry, the idea finally came to life.

Final thoughts

DoorsTour is a unique digital platform which offers 360 degree view solution to our customers for all their property needs. The portal is completely devoted to meet every requirement of the customer. At DoorsTour we provide credible information with maximum properties on our portal. We at DoorsTour are not only focused to provide buy, sell and rent details but also help customers in post and pre buying the property. Apart from a robust search mechanism, DoorsTour also maintains a vast repository of research on a host of property related matters ranging from legal issues to maintenance to facility management to home insurance among many others.