Things to keep in mind while buying a home


Have realistic expectations

In a world full of garish buildings, finding a building you can call home can be a tedious task. With endless calls from brokers and a visit to a new building every now and then, searching for a house is not only draining but also a huge financial commitment. At times, the process becomes very overwhelming.

In such a jumble, it is imperative to have a little list to help you find a place you can call yours. We've got you covered.

Here are a few aspects that you should keep in mind while buying a house:

1.Budget- The first step in selecting a house or a flat is to fix a budget. This will help you to shortlist houses accordingly. But you must find hidden charges in the case of flats and apartments.

2.Location- The land on which your flat is built is very crucial. The location must be subtle for all the family members. You should be aware of the pros and cons of the location.

" Don't wait to buy real estate,
Buy real estate and wait. "

3.Land Record- Don't go just by the look of the structure. Before buying a house, the title deed must be verified and checked in detail. The property should be clear of all dues and should be registered.

4.Lifestyle- The quality of life you desire is dependent on your lifestyle needs. It varies from person to person. For example- some prefer a marketplace nearby while some are sports enthusiasts so they look for the sports complexes.

5.Resale Value- Property should be chosen accordingly so that it will give you a good resale value in the future.

6.Basic Infrastructure- You should pay attention to basic factors such as water connectivity, power supply, piped gas line, and air quality index.

7.Social infrastructure- You should check how far are schools, colleges, hospitals, markets, and shopping places from the property. Pay attention to the details like the nearby Police Station, Fire Stations, etc.

8.Construction Quality- When you go to look at properties, check the construction quality. Even if a property looks lavish, it is not necessary that it is properly constructed.

9.Transport- When you begin your search for a home, pay attention to how far your intended neighborhoods are from public transit (buses, commuter rail, subway, etc.), as well as major highways. It's something you have to deal with every day.

Final thoughts

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Written by: Navya Jain