8 Things to Keep in mind while selling a House


Have realistic expectations

Selling a house is always a tough job. There are so many things to be taken care of and so many directions a person has to think in. But worry not, we have a solution for you.

Here's a list of things you need to keep in mind while selling your property. Just pick up a pen and start ticking things off!

The market timing and your price are the real game-changers. Market trends play an important role in fixing the price of your property. For example, in this Covid-19 situation, the real industry is very low. The prices of every type of property have fallen down drastically. The rents have also decreased. This is the ideal time to buy property as no one is investing right now. An ideal time of selling a property will be after few years when the situation becomes normal.

In order to have an advantage over the others, it is important that you know what is going on in the market. Go see a few real websites as dealers tend to have more commission on the successful deal. Before finalizing the website for listing your property, look for the facilities they are providing. Fix the right price for your property, and it must be decently priced according to the area & condition of the property. Overpriced property usually takes more time than perfectly priced property.

"Price is what you pay,
Value is what you get"

It is rightly said that too many cooks spoil the food. Thus, do not overexpose your property in the market. Do not connect with property dealers & real estate websites at the same time. Try to lock the deal discretely without involving the dealer. As more dealers, more profit will be shared between them. Thus, go for an online real estate marketplace.

It is imperative that you make all sorts of repairs, no matter how small they may look. Fix your taps, the corner of the windows, check for cracks on the floor, and so on. Take a walk inside your house and make a list of all the imperfections you see. Try to solve all the issues on a fixed budget. Plan a budget for the last-minute touch-ups like a whitewash etc.

It is important to clean before a buyer comes to see because the house should look livable. Clean the dust, scrub the walls and the floor. Make sure the place looks attractive to the buyer. Walk through all the rooms with the buyer in mind, evaluate your home, and fix whatever you think could be a deal-breaker.

Getting the legal documentation is essential. For this, an appointment is required with the registrar. Letter of allotment letter/ownership document, previous sales deed, and receipts of property tax, water bill, electricity bill are some of the essential documents required. Get in touch with your lawyer and discuss all the legal possibilities. A freehold property will be easier to sell.

When selling a property, clear all your pending bills like water bill, the electric bill, house tax. This will cause a positive impact on the buyer and will more interest him/her in locking the deal with you. Transfer all the titles of the water bill, electricity bill, property tax, maintenance charges (society & RWA) at the time of selling property only to avoid the latter hustles.

Always show the property on demand of the buyer. It is one of the most important & influential tricks of selling a property. However, you must schedule your meeting during the daytime, not in the evening when there's no natural light. During the daytime, use a combination of warm white lights with cool day white lights for a significant impact. A small investment in subtle curtains will help to sell quickly.

Final thoughts

These are some of the points to be kept in mind while selling the property. Lastly, make sure you are mentally and financially prepared for whatever situation occurs. Selling a house may take more time than you expect but do not forget to put your best foot forward.

Written By: Navya Jain